Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I always think of being active member of blog & wanna express my feelings but don't know what stops me??? Several time I prepared many blogs in my mind to post in Blog spot but till now I could not post them.

I have many thing in my mind to share but from which to start & when , Hope I can be very active blogger one day. :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Blind Faith of My Grandmother!!!!

I was born in very remote village of our country. My village is 20KM far from Birtamode (nearest city). There were six members in my family (my little sister was not born). My father, Mother, two elder sis, grandmother and me. My mum had a cosmetic shop & father had stationary shop. My big sis used to help in house hold & I and my sis just used to study..................
One evening my grand mother was suffering from Bath (hat khutta polne). As my parents had not arrived home, Big sister was busy in preparing meal & another sis was busy somewhere else….. My grandmother asked to call witch doctor for her treatment (for jhar fuk). There was no chance to say no as I loved my grandmother. But I had no faith on such witch Doctor I dint want to walk for 15minutes to call him. So I made an idea I went to my big Father’s home & asked for little rice (chamal) and ash (kharani) I mixed that stayed there for while & went home with that. I gave that to my grand mother & told “Aama rijal mama aauna bhyaunu hunna re tesaile yo pathai dinu bha chha, alikati khanu alikati sirani muni rakhnu re” She did same. After half an hour I went near her & asked, “Aama ahile kasto chha tapailai?” she told she was more relieved. I just smiled at her & I became happy too. But one of my cousins told her father what I had done & I was scolded. I did not mind on that.

My grand mother is no more on the earth now……………………but also my dear friends please suggest me what I did was that wrong??? And another thing the medicine was made by me how did she get relieved??? Is that only blind faith or there is something else??

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring is beautiful or the flowers??

My First day in blog

Dear friends its my 1st day in blog, I am inspired by my coworker miss Arati to create this blog.Till today I have not viewed anyone's blog.So there can be many mistakes & lacks in my blog but I have great hope that I can improve it through your views & comments.And one thing to share more From today I can be also busy in my free time as Arati because she always hangs on blog & no time to talk with us, Hey Arati from today you try to talk with me but I will not reply............